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Right Choice Trees has served Middle Tennessee with high-quality tree care since our inception. We have over 25 years of experience in the field, removing trees, pruning and shaping, responding to emergencies, and other services required to maintain and improve the health of your trees. When you need a true collaborator for tree service in Nashville, our (metaphorical) doors are open.

Nashville is home to so many beautiful trees. There are many groups dedicated to the conservation and preservation of urban forestry in Nashville. The city government itself has a long list of trees that are recommended for planting in the area, including over 15 different species of oak alone. We are lucky to live in a location that supports such a diversity of species all year long.

Give us a call to receive a free estimate! We honor upfront, honest pricing and maintain a deep commitment to our customers in everything we do. We offer both residential and commercial tree service, so whether you own a business or a home, we are prepared to ensure that the trees on your property are in the best condition possible.

What to Do When A Tree Emergency Occurs

If a tree emergency happens, like for example, a tree becomes partially uprooted and seems like it may fall, the first step is getting you and anyone on your property to safety. Don’t get too close to the tree to inspect it yourself, as this may cause further damage.

Instead, call a tree service company in Nashville, TN, like Right Choice Trees, that can respond quickly to your problem. The best possible thing you can do is work with a professional to address the issue and return your property to a safe place to be.

How Storm Prep & Clean-Up Work

In Nashville, we are no strangers to strong storms. Tornadoes, thunderstorms with high winds, and other types of storms can pass through the area. And, even if a tornado does not directly hit the city, the residual high winds are likely to do damage.

With this being said, storm preparation is a critical part of routine tree service in Nashville. We recommend requesting storm prep in the late winter or early spring before spring and summer storms strike the region. The team at Right Choice Trees will evaluate your property and make suggestions to improve the likelihood your trees will make it through a storm without damage. We will then perform any resulting services, like pruning or tree removal.

Storm clean-up is an emergency response to a storm, and we provide this service as well. While, of course, we’d like to avoid the possibility of this happening, it is necessary when trees or branches fall, debris from tree damage is scattered around your yard, or trees receive damage that then mars their appearance or causes them to become unstable. We will assess the problem, and then provide an efficient solution to make your property livable and beautiful once again.

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The Positive Effects of Tree Removal

You may be hesitant to remove a tree because you are worried about the ecological impact. This is a fair concern and one that we will consider with you when we make a recommendation. However, there are some benefits that may come from removing a tree that is no longer serving you:

While removing a tree can be sad, our tree service in Nashville is also capable of planting new trees. So, while you may be cutting down an old mainstay on your property, there is always room for fresh growth.

Trimming vs. Pruning

Both tree trimming and pruning are essential tree services in Nashville. But they are distinctly different services, even though we often use the words interchangeably to describe cutting back branches and foliage of a tree.

Tree trimming ensures trees look aesthetically pleasing and do not interfere with your life or with other plants. It also helps maintain the desired shape and size of ornamental trees and shrubs.

Tree pruning, on the other hand, is essential for maintaining tree health, preventing disease, and avoiding hazards from falling branches. It promotes strong, healthy growth and can extend the lifespan of the tree.

Note that trimming is more frequent and regular, while pruning is requested as needed based on the tree’s health. They also use similar, but different, tools and techniques. For example, pruning relies on pruning saws and hand pruners, while trimming can be done with shears and hedge trimmers.

What Happens When You Don’t Get Stump Grinding

If you don’t request stump grinding as part of the tree removal process, it is possible that you may encounter the following:

We recommend bundling your stump grinding service with tree removal, but you can always come to us afterward to have a stump removed. We just recommend doing it before any of the above starts to cause a problem!

Why Residents & Businesses in Nashville Choose Right Choice Trees

At Right Choice Trees, we understand the specific needs of property owners in Nashville. We are a locally owned and operated company, which means we’ve done our due diligence learning the best way to care for the Southern red oak, the tulip popular, and the red maple, all some of the most common trees in the region.

Whether you are a commercial property owner or a residential one, we have the right set of offerings to meet your needs for tree service in Nashville and the surrounding areas. Contact us now to get a free estimate and schedule your service!

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