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Tree Trimming & Pruning in Murfreesboro, TN

While it may not be intuitive that you need to cut back your trees on a regular basis to improve their health and growth, trimming and pruning are some of the most vital services you can request to help care for your tree. Think about it this way: we remove branches and foliage that are no longer serving your tree and, in fact, drain away its energy from the parts that need it the most.

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Why We Recommend Trimming & Pruning

Seasonal tree trimming in Murfreesboro and the surrounding areas is essential to ensure healthy tree growth. It increases the lifespan of the tree while also preventing fallen branches and storm damage. Unchecked growth can make both trees and your property turn unsightly and look overgrown.

Trees can also become hazardous to your property if they grow too close to an existing structure or are dry and dead. A branch may very well fall in a storm if it is dead, cracked, or otherwise weakened.

Remember that many tree branches eventually die. Not all of them fall off; many of them stay connected to the tree. That can seriously hinder growth production, especially if those dead branches siphon away energy, light, or other resources from the healthy ones. We can solve this problem with pruning.

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Does Every Type of Tree Need to be Pruned?

Not every type of tree requires pruning in Murfreesboro, but many benefit from it. Pruning helps maintain tree health, aesthetics, and safety. Here are a few types of trees that do benefit from pruning:

Evergreen trees and other trees that grow slowly likely don’t need much pruning. Also, consider that an older tree with an established structure may require less regular pruning or trimming than a young tree that is still being shaped. Ultimately, it’s best to consult with the pros at Right Choice Trees to identify which trees on your property need trimming or pruning. We’ll help you establish a schedule that will keep your trees in good shape

Why Should a Professional Perform Trimming & Pruning

While we encourage you to learn about the care of your trees to better understand their needed ongoing maintenance, pruning should not be attempted unless you have significant knowledge of the industry. This service often involves climbing to reach branches that are high up in the tree, which should not be attempted by someone without the proper safety training.

Plus, even if you can reach the branches in question, there’s a chance you will severely damage the tree, resulting in severe dieback or death. Trees should not be pruned more than 25% in one season, and cuts must be strategic to strengthen and preserve the tree’s structure. And, if a hazard is being removed, this must be done strategically, so it does not harm anyone or anything in the process.

This is why you should count on Right Choice Trees when you need tree trimming and pruning in Murfreesboro, TN. We can properly evaluate your trees, make a recommendation for their care based on their current condition, and cut them back to support their future healthy growth, as well as your safety on your property.

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