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Stump Grinding

You might have children or pets that like to play in the yard. The last thing you want is for anyone to trip over a stump in your yard. To prevent that, we can grind them down into wood chips. You’ll also have the option to keep the mulch for your plants or have us remove it for you. Our professionals have the equipment and expertise to get the job done. Once we finish the task, your yard will look like a stump was never there.

No matter the size, we know our tools and contractors can chip it down. The process of stump grinding is much faster than digging and pulling the whole stump out of the ground. Though removal is messier, it does have its benefit. Grinding works best if you want to get a hazard out of the way, and we can completely extract the stump for those that plan on building a new structure in that area. Our professionals can give you an evaluation of which method would be best for your property. There are many other benefits to grinding or removing stumps, such as increasing property value and reducing the difficulty of mowing your lawn.

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